Celebrate the Life & Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


The Grayslake Library will be OPEN on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, this January 16th. Come in and browse our selection of books and other media titles about King’s life and the Civil Rights movement, as well as fiction that takes place during the era.



Alabama v. King

The defense lawyer of Martin Luther King Jr., Fred Gray, works with author Dan Abrams to piece together the history of the trial that turned King into a national hero.

Kennedy and King

This title explores the relationship between two prominent rivals in United States history: President Kennedy and Pastor Martin Luther King Jr.

DVDs & Blu-Rays:

Selma (2014)

This historical drama film highlights King’s struggle to secure voting rights for all people and the historic march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama, in 1965 in the face of violent opposition.

MLK/FBI (2022)

This documentary explores the FBI's surveillance and harassment of Martin Luther King, Jr., based on declassified documents and incorporating archival footage.



I Have a Dream

This book goes over King’s historic “I have a dream” speech in a way that introduces the speech and the Civil Rights movement to younger readers.

Martin & Mahalia: His Words, Her Song

This book explores the intersecting lives of civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr. and gospel singer Mahalia Jackson at the historical moment when their joined voices inspired landmark changes.


Stella by Starlight, by Sharon M. Draper

This book follows the struggles a young Stella faces in her segregated North Carolina town, focusing on her bravery and resolve.

Let the Children March, by Monica Clark-Robinson

Under the leadership of Dr. Martin Luther King, children and teenagers marched against segregation in Birmingham, Alabama, in 1963.

Digital Collections

Check out Martin Luther King Jr. content available on Hoopla and Kanopy!


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